The melted blend (mix) “Empire of Taste” (“Империя Вкуса”) – the product of universal usage. It is the great solution for frying, stewing, baking or adding to ready meals. At strong heating it is not sprayed, doesn’t foam and doesn’t smoke.

This is a high-quality product, made exclusively from natural vegetable fats and oils, doesn’t contain preservatives. Recommended for use during the period of fasting. The melted blend (mix) “Empire of Taste” (“Империя Вкуса”) is useful for health, because  doesn’t contain cholesterol. It can be used for dieting meals.

In early October SunFood LLC was visited by the president of the National Consumers Association Melita Hakobyan and food quality expert Rosalia Avanesyan. During the visit, the guests got familiarized with production with the production of products, sanitary and hygienic standards, design and packaging labeling.

The association summed up that:

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