Ghee is a unique product with excellent properties.

It contains no milk sugar. The rendered vegetable mixture is completely free of lactose and casein, so it can be used even by people who are allergic to milk products or lactose intolerant.

The product contains much short fatty acid. The rendered vegetable ghee contains much more short chain fatty acid than the dairy butter, primarily butyrate, which is significantly effective for human body. This compound has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to prevent cancer, improves digestion, supports blood sugar level, helps to slim the body and recover cardiovascular system.

It is defined by a higher burning point. This indicator is approximately 176 °C for butter and 232°C for ghee. Why is it so important? It is important because the higher burning point of the product is the better cooking properties it has, since it does not oxidize and does not burn when being heated for a long time. Oxidized fats have the strongest negative effect on the body. When heated under high temperatures, the ghee does not burn out, thus products of combustion and carcinogenic substances are not being formed.

The ghee is represented by brands “Imperiya Vkusa” and “Tsarskaya” which conform to the international standards.


Ghee “Imperiya Vkusa” is a mass consumption product.

  • It is great for frying, stewing, baking and adding to ready meals
  • When strongly heated, no carcinogenic substances are formed, there are no splashes, foaming or smoke
  • It is a high quality product made exclusively from natural vegetable fats and oils and contains no preservatives. It is recommended for use during fasting.
  • It is good for health as it does not contain trans-isomers and cholesterol. It can be used as a dietary product.
  • It has a long shelf life, as it consists of 99.9% vegetable oils and is packed in a sterile, hermetically sealed container, which prevents fats oxidation and the occurrence of rancid taste.

The company offers packaging range from 400g to 18kg.

Imperia Vkusa 400 g.

Imperia Vkusa 650 g.

Imperia Vkusa 800 g.

Imperia Vkusa 1600 g.

Imperia Vkusa 2400 g.

Imperia Vkusa 4 kg

Imperia Vkusa 10 kg

Imperia Vkusa 18 kg


For those customers who care about their health, but are accustomed to traditional melted butter, we offer a worthy alternative – “Tsarskaya” ghee. It is a high quality product made exclusively from natural vegetable oils that does not contain preservatives and artificial coloring. The ghee is excellent for frying a wide variety of dishes and it will definitely make any dish tastier. It does not form carcinogens, it retains and reveals the taste of natural fresh ingredients. This product combines the beneficial features of vegetable oils and the delicate taste of cream. It is recommended to use the ghee during the fasting period as well as for dietary nutrition.

The company offers 800g, 1.6kg and 2.4kg packaging.