“SunFood” company was founded in 2009. In a short period of time the company became the leader in oil and fat industry in Armenia and successfully keeps its leadership. In 2021 production of mayonnaise, ketchup and condensed milk was launched. These products became indispensable tasty additions to a large number of dishes.

Our production is a combination of the latest equipment and original recipes, which are developed in our modern laboratory using high quality ingredients and modern technologies.

The key to our success is the daily quality and production safety control according to ISO 2200:2018 standards. Regular audits by the British Standards Institution BSI confirm that SunFood maintains continuous and uninterrupted food safety system operation.

The company’s pricing policy takes into account the growth rate of the consumer basket that is why our company offers best price for customers who care about family budget and health.

The company’s products gained popularity not only in Armenia, but also in many countries overseas. The company exports its products in the USA, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Russia, etc.

“SunFood” is an official representative and exclusive distributor of EFKO and Cargill companies in Armenia, which are the leaders in the relevant industry and reliable partners for cooperation. The companies produce universal and specialized margarines and fats, milk fat substitutes with minimum content of trans-fatty acids.


Imperia Vkusa 400 g.

Imperia Vkusa 650 g.

Imperia Vkusa 800 g.


MASELKO 180G. FAT 72.5%

MASELKO 200G. FAT 82.5%