SunFood Company was founded in 2009. In a short time, it ranged among the leading companies in the Armenian fat-and-oil industry. The Company has leading positions on the market of melted butter (ghee). Our production is a systematic approach of quality control for processed products at all the stages of their production and this approach makes it possible for us to provide our consumer with extremely useful and tasty products. Quality: we offer our customers only high-quality and delicious products original in their recipe and taste. Pricing policy: we take into account the growing pace of the consumer basket and therefore, our products offer the best prices for our consumers caring about the health of the family and their family budget. Our own exclusive recipes, enhanced by the up-to-date and improved technologies meeting the requirements of the business and competitive technological environment, are the basic components that make it possible for SunFood LLC to achieve strong positions in the food market. Today, given the constant growth of supply, consumer confidence and advantage in choice can be achieved only through high standards of safety, conformity and quality of production. During the short time of its existence, the Company gained popularity not only on the domestic, but also on the external consumer market.