Sunfood Company was founded in 2009. In a short time, it ranged among the leading companies in the Armenian fat-and-oil industry. The Company has leading positions on the market of melted butter (ghee). Our production is a systematic approach of quality control for processed products at all the stages of their production and this approach makes it possible for us to provide our consumer with extremely useful and tasty products.
Quality: we offer our customers only high-quality and delicious products original in their recipe and taste. Pricing policy: we take into account the growing pace of the consumer basket and therefore, our products offer the best prices for our consumers caring about the health of the family and their family budget.


Ghee is a unique product with truly magical properties.
It has no dairy components. Some people suffer from such a strong allergy to dairy products or lactose intolerance that they are unable to consume even dairy butter. The ghee contains neither lactose, nor casein. And therefore, everybody can consume it. Many short-chain fatty acids. As compared to dairy butter, ghee contains many more short-chain fatty acids and primarily butyric acid (butyrate) that has a huge positive effect for the human health.
Such compound has anti-inflammatory activity, normalizes digestion and maintains the right level of sugar in the blood, helps to lose weight and improve the cardiovascular system. Higher smoke degree. For dairy butter, this indicator is about 176 degrees Celsius and for the ghee, it is 232ºC. Why is it so important? Because the higher the smoke degree of the butter, the more fit it is for cooking as it does not oxidize for a long time when heated. Notably, oxidized fats most negatively affect human health. Also, when heated at high temperatures, the ghee does not burn and therefore does not result in any combustion products or carcinogenic substances. The ghee is represented by brands like: “Impeiria Vkusa” and ‘Tsarskaya’ meeting all the international standards.


The company makes spreads on the basis of vegetable oil and vegetable fats and such spreads have a balanced composition and are fit for making bread and butter sandwiches, as well as for baking and frying and can be added to cereals and garnishes.
The spreads produced by the Company are rich in unsaturated fatty acids necessary to keep human heart healthy, ensure normal growth and active absorption of vitamins and nutrients. When processed, the composition of fatty acids in the spreads remains almost unchanged and therefore, spreads contain almost no trans-isomers of such acids.


Margarine Sun Food milky is a product made on the basis of vegetable oil, with added milk, emulsifiers and flavors.
Margarine is a high-calorie product. Its consistency resembles dairy butter and margarine can replace it. It contains vitamins PP, A and E and a number of microelements (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium) required for normal human vital activity and what is most essential, it does not contain any trans-isomers.


Yeast “Favorite” is guaranteed to raise your dough and helps to turn a piece of dough into a fluffy loaf or fragrant cake.

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Today, SunFood Company uses in all its products only high-quality, fats which makes it possible to process various products good for health and with a variety of quality characteristics.