The “Sun Food” company  was established in 2009, exactly 10 years ago. Children at 10 learn the multiplication table and San Food over these short 10 years gradually turning from an importer into a manufacturer has managed to increase the export becoming the largest supplier of milk fat replacer and other specialized fats as well as margarines. Almost 80% of all manufacturers in the field of dairy industry use our fats, and 90% of the confectionery manufacturers use our margarine.

Now about the production:

1.      The ghee “Imperia Vkusa” has become the favorite fat for housewives throughout Armenia. We sell more than all competitors together, we export  it to Russia, Georgia, USA, and Kazakhstan.

2.      Spreads under the trademarks  “Maselko”, “Sonyachna Dolina”, “Imperia Vkusa”, “Tsarskoye” have for a long time been favourite among the population of Armenia.

In 2019 “Sun Food” company  received an ISSO 22000 certificate from the British company BSI which is the setter of these standards.

Growth of the “Sun Food” company

1.      A 800 square meters workshop ​​ is being built:

• Condensed milk in different packages – cans, plastic packaging in the form of sausage, Doy-packs and buckets.

2.      A workshop for the production of Mayonnaise and Ketchup in Doy-packs, buckets, etc.

3.      New technologies are being introduced, new modern fully automated equipment is being purchased from world leaders producing specialized equipment.

4.      Sun Food is located on 6000 sq.m

5.      90  persons are employed

6.      The salaries are higher than average salary in Armenia

7.      Gorgeous team of specialists

In connection with the anniversary of the Company  the founders of “Sun Food” decided to organize a lottery for its loyal consumers where all participants must have received prizes:

•         Vegetable ghee “Imperia vkusa”  – 60 packages

•         140 mixers

•         31 meat grinder

•         3 refrigerator

•         3 TV sets

•         3 trips to Egypt for two persons

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