Milk Margarine

Margarine "SunFood" milky is a product made on the basis of vegetable oil, with added milk, emulsifiers and flavors.

Margarine is a high-calorie product. Its consistency resembles dairy butter and margarine can replace it. It contains vitamins PP, A and E and a number of microelements (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium) required for normal human vital activity and what is most essential, it does not contain any trans-isomers.

Milk Margarine 250g.


Due to its pleasant creamy taste and aroma, it is ideal for garnishes and bread and butter sandwiches. The new improved recipe provides its excellent quality and universal use to your liking.

It is recommended for wide use in cooking and particularly in baking shortbread, cakes and pastries. Due to the natural taste of milk, it has a pleasant smell, it is very suitable for seasoning potatoes, pasta, vegetables, cereals.

The Company offers margarine in packs of 250g, with fat content of 82%.